My Favorite Music

Here is a list of my favorite music and highly recommended CDs:

1) Leonard Bernstein conducts Beethoven's nine symphonies.  As I like to say, cats and Beethoven have nine lives.  Greatest music written.  

2) Copland is one of my favorite composers, and certainly my number one favorite twentieth century composer, because of his unique style - tame but brilliant.  His music can literally make me laugh or cry.  Rodeo is my favorite, by the way.

3) In my opinion, Sibelius is one of the most under appreciated composers of all time.  Anyone who knows or has even heard a little Sibelius knows that this music is some of the greatest romantic music written.  Both Sibelius and Rachmaninov were arguably the two greatest twentieth century romantics, but Sibelius is much lighter (but not simpler) and really fun stuff to listen to.  

4) All right, there is no way you can beat this.  Beethoven's violin concerto in D major and Mendelssohn's violin concerto in E minor.....played by Joshua Bell.  Enough said.

5) Bruch's Scottish Fantasy is just one of those pieces that should be as celebrated as much as any Beethoven symphony, but I guess someone decided to keep it a secret.  And don't underestimate his violin concerto either.  I think to describe the music in words would only be insulting to Bruch.