Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Concerts in the Park - where art thou?

For all of you that read my post about the summer, can now shed a tear or two for probably my favorite New York City event of the season.  The "concerts in the park" which has been one of the New York Philharmonic's most anticipated traditions, is taking a bow off the stage for the summer of 2011.  Alan Gilbert, the Philharmonic's music director, said that instead he wants to do a memorial concert for September eleventh, and he will also do a concert in Central Park on September 15th.  I can't say that I am not disappointed, although I do think the memorial concert is a really good thing.  The concert in the park events were really a big part of my summer, sitting on the Great Lawn of Central Park listening to the Philharmonic - New York, music, get the idea.  Anyway, here is an article from the New York Times about the decision.  Really good article.

Ok, a couple of other quick things.  Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to the "pages" link on the side of the blog which I will be quickly adding to.  I am going to make a new page which will feature a new musical personality (composer, conductor, musician etc.) or composition every week.  I will give an overview of it/him/her and talk about it.  I really am open to comments, so if there is anything you want me to write about, whether on that page or the entire blog, just let me know by writing a comment or sending an email and I will definitely read it and, if feasible, write about it.  

Finally, I couldn't leave you without a piece of music.  Here is a great video of Wynton Marsalis playing Haydn's trumpet concerto (1st mov.).  A really really great piece of music.  

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