Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime - no, not Gershwin

        Alas, the summer months are upon us and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high, school's out and the music is playing.  In other time!  The great thing about New York (I apologize to all those out-of-towners) in the summer is that it presents endless cultural opportunities and the music always seems to be playing.  One of my favorite summer pastimes is just to walk around central park, breathe, and listen to the music.  A jazz trio, children playing, a solo clarinetist, and even the taxis seem to add a special dimension in the summer.  I feel that in the summer there is something more we can appreciate in music than the rest of the year, and it's not (just) the weather.  In the summer a whole burden of stress seems to be lifted from our shoulders, and even amongst those who work and don't have a break.  The stress of school, deadlines, family issues, all seem to be nonexistent for at least a period of time in the summer.  Love fills the air and music fills the souls.  We can take this stress-reduced time of year and really get in with what life is all about.  Whether it be the way we listen or make music, spend time with our family and friends, going to a museum, or just having a good time, the easy and cool aura of the summer can really give us a push for the rest of the year.
       We'll definitely be talking about the different musical opportunities over the summer, but for now here is  a great article I saw in the NY Times published this week about The Knights, an orchestral group that performs every summer in central park.  The concerts go until August 22 (so says the article) and if you want something musical, fun, and meaningful to do this summer, this is a wonderful opportunity.  So now is the time to gear up and really do the things that you can't do during the rest of the year (and in ways you can't during the rest of the year).  Toodaloo.

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